Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey hey there, i am sure this is just for me, i don't know of anyone who actually reads this or even knows of it. But for myself-
Just started york Going into my fist / second week of class. So far things have been going very well, didn't really understand the whole frosh week thing. York killed it by strictly enforcing no drinking, even for us that purchased our own alcohol legally and drinking it in our own room....
Haha but for me dancing is something that when sober i am to perfectly aware of my lack of knowledge for dance haha.
Plus the fact that i was a year younger than the oldest frosh leaders was rather funny. That meant i was the same age or older than most of my leaders. Odd being talked down to by people younger than you. But that was on a few occasions, most of the events were fun. (That being the day event)
Other than frosh, School is amazing, feels so good to be back in the classroom.
And my room is good, rather large and a kickass roommate to boot haha but no art updates sort of stopped drawing for quite some time